Below are some questions that are typically asked about our 24 Day Around Australia Tour.

With all other questions please contact the ASI Tours office at 800-925-7122. 


How does this tour differ from other tours of Australia?

The 24 day Around Australia Tour is easily the most comprehensive tour of Australia available from North America.  The itinerary is full of features and inclusions not found on other tours of Australia.  The combination of tour length, pacing and the use of well timed internal flights provide the opportunity to experience more of fascinating Australia then most Aussies will ever see.  We simply invite you to compare the Incredible Around Australia Tour with any and all other group departures.

Is this tour offered in March due to weather considerations?

This tour is offered during the fall in Australia.  Due to the wide variety of climatic regions visited on tour, this helps to insure the greatest likelihood of good traveling weather throughout the itinerary.

What type and level of hotels do you use on this itinerary?

Accommodation considerations are particularly important on longer itineraries.  Generally all of our properties are rated at four star or better and the best available, in country areas.  A prime and exclusive feature of our tour is using full service, well located apartment style hotels on 10 of our 23 nights on tour.  This includes cooking facilities and in-apartment washer and dryer in some locations. 

When meals are not included, what are my eating options?

When group meals are not included, tour members can find eating options readily available. 

Is this tour a guaranteed departure?

The Around Australia Tour is guaranteed to operate with a minimum of 15 passengers.

Where do I meet the tour director?

You will meet your director at the designated date, time and location at your Melbourne hotel.

What is not included in the tour price? (For a full list of what is not included, please see the ‘What is Not Included’ page, within the website. )

Some  items not included in the price of the tour are:

  • Air to/from home city to USA gateway.
  • International air to Melbourne/ from Sydney. 
  • Personal expenses incurred prior to, while on and after the tour such as food, liquor and personal items.
  • All passport and document fees
  • Travel insurance
  • All other items not mentioned as included

Is there wifi at the hotels?

WiFi will be available and included at all tour hotels.  Additionally wi-fi will be available on some of our touring coaches.

What are passport and visa requirements for Australia?

American citizens visiting Australia must have a valid passport with an expiration date at least 6 months after the date of return to the USA.  An Australia visitor visa in the form of an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) can be easily obtained on-line from multiple sources with coasts ranging from $10 to $30.  The ETA is valid for tourist/ leisure travel with a 1 year validity that allows multiple entry with a maximum of 90 days per each visit.  One source we have used successfully is www.australianvisaauthority.com.   Tour members traveling on passports from other countries should consult their consulates for specific Australia visa requirements. See the Passport and Visa page for further details.

What are the physical requirements for participating on this tour?

T0 participate on this tour, a tour member must have sufficient stamina to keep up with an active group on a long touring day. Moderate level of fitness is required including the ability to walk without impairment, climb stairs and handle carry-on bags, all without assistance.  For the protection of tour members, a health and fitness declaration must be completed prior to receiving final travel documents. 

Any potentially impacting physical, fitness or medical issues should be discussed with ASI Tours prior to signing up for the tour. If you have any questions about your ability to participate in this tour, please call us at 800-925-7122.

What is the difference between a twin room and double room on tour? 

A twin room has two beds which may either be two double beds, two twin beds or one of each depending on the hotel.  A double room has one bed which will usually be a queen size bed or larger depending on the property.   

Will seat rotation be used on the tour?  

We do a drawing for the assigning of the front seat only on the coach.  On this longer tour all tour members should have the opportunity to sit in the front seat at least once.  Beyond that, tour members are asked to move around within the coach, on a daily basis. This seating policy has served our groups well.  Most of our coaches will be 40 plus seats which is nearly double the maximum number (24) of tour members, if the group is full.  That means there is always the luxury of extra space on our coaches.  If the group size is smaller, 29-32 seat touring coaches may be used for some movements.

What type of coaches are used?

Deluxe coaches are used throughout the tour. 

 All touring coaches will have restrooms. 

Are triple rooms available on this tour?  Triple rooms can be requested but are subject to availability. 

Contact ASI Tours for details at 800-925-7122. 

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