On tour breakfasts are included in the itinerary on most days and many are buffet style.  You will have the opportunity to try local fare on your own for lunch and dinner when they are not included.     

Prices can vary widely when dining out in Australia. In general dining costs from fast food sandwich shops to fine dining restaurants is 20% to 30% higher than in the USA after converting to US dollar equivalent.  In both large and smaller cities the range of eating options is, in general, unlimited.  Even the smaller towns we visit provide many culinary alternatives.  Australia is an immigrant country and as a result ethnic dining choices abound often with very attractive pricing.  On tour you will enjoy several nights in apartment style hotels where you will have a kitchen of your own.  This provides the opportunity to prepare your own meals or enjoy take out from a local restaurant or deli in a relaxing private setting.   Take away food dining is very popular ‘down under’ because it offers much cheaper pricing options than sit down dining due to the high cost of labor in Australia.

Most supermarkets have deli’s featuring inexpensive eating alternatives to sit down dining.  Australia also has remarkable top tier cuisine options in all cities for foodies who wish to wine and dine in style.  Healthy eating options can always be found and are generally more readily available than in the USA.

While numbers can be difficult, tour members may wish to budget in the range of USD $20 lunch and $30 -$35 dinner plus drinks for mid range restaurant meals not included on the tour.  Typical take away options will be less than half of those amounts. 



Goods from Chemists (drug stores) are generally 30-50% higher than in the US.  Make sure you take ample supply of prescription and over the counter medicines with you.  

In general, the cost for most goods range from 20% to 40% higher than in the US.  Shoes and clothing items can be up to double.  Australia has an intoxicating range of sweets and healthy treats so do budget for enjoying indulgences along the way.