Breakfasts are included each day, most are buffet style.  You will have the opportunity to try the local fare on your own for lunches and dinners, when they are not included in the tour itinerary.    

Prices can vary widely when abiding in the Aussie fare. You will find everything from fast food chains,  local establishments  for a sandwich and a cup of tea to Pub lunches  to a 4 or 5 star restaurant, for lunches and dinners. Lunch prices in the local pubs will be on average $8 - 15 USD pp.  You will have multiple opportunities to try local ethnic cuisine from  Asian, Thai, Japanese, Italian pizzerias to Middle-eastern and more at very reasonable prices.  There will also be opportunities to dine in some of the worlds finest Michelin rated restaurants.  The opportunities are endless in the cities.  Mid-range sit-down restaurants for dinner, generally run on average $30-45 USD pp without alcoholic beverages.

On the Around Australia Tour you will enjoy 14 nights in apartment style hotels with kitchens giving you the opportunity  to either cook your own dinner or enjoy a take-out from a local restaurant.


Goods from Chemists (drug stores) are generally 30-50% higher than in the US.  Make sure you take ample supply of prescription and over the counter medicines with you.  

Lollies (candy and cookies) are somewhat higher than in the US, as well.  Depending on your sweet tooth, you will want to budget a little extra to try some unusual treats you do not get at home.