Electrical Adaptor

Electrical Plug/Outlet and Voltage Information for Australia

  • Australian electricity is 220v.  Most American travel appliances today are built to work with either 110v or 220v currency.    You will, however, need the unique Australia plug adapter as per the picture below.  If you have an older appliance it may require a voltage adapter 110v to 220v.   Some hair dryers and shavers have  seperate 110/220v settings. The wall plug will still be required. 
  •  If  you do not have a switch,  you will need a plug adapter and voltage converter to use your items.
  • The picture below is the configuration of the plugs for Australian sockets.  They can be purchased from sources such as Amazon.com, Ebay, BestBuy or Walmart. 

Power sockets type I are used



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