In planning your wardrobe for your upcoming trip,  you will want to know the temperatures and rainfall for the regions the Around Australia Tour will visit. 

Australia's climate varies greatly throughout the eight states and territories.  From the cooler regions of the southern most state, Tasmania, to the 'Top End' of Darwin in the Northern Territory that has a wet and dry season you will experience every climate in one trip. 

The Around Australia Tour operates in the fall, so you will enjoy the most temperate conditions of the varying climates of all regions.  It is important to bring your hat, sunscreen and sunglasses irregardless of the temperatures.

Sydney Hobart Melbourne Adelaide Perth Alice Springs Darwin Queensland
Max Temp 69 60 70 68 68 87 89 78
Min Temp 51 47 54 53 48 72 74 60
Rainfall in inches 2.40 2.17 2.63 1.85 2.80 1.06 1.09 2.0